Praise for image insight

1. One-on-One Consultations
2. Workshops

1. One-on-One Consultations

A working pro
If lucky, a person meets a few people ... who have a positive, dramatic impact not only on the direction one takes, but the person one becomes. Diane Shapiro has been that catalyst and mentor to me. The confidence and insights I developed when working with Diane are far rarer than a lesson in camera settings or exposure compensation.

   Robert W. Fournier Jr.
   The Wild Lensman

A working pro
Initially I hired Diane to critique my web site. First we focused on what I needed the site to accomplish. Next, she edited the images, explaining why one was strong, another less so. Diane also advised me on the site layout and text. I know that my new site is much stronger and represents my best work ... Applying what I have learned to other aspects of my business,
I work more efficiently. I see my images more objectively and know what I need to do to move forward.

   Cathy Allinder
   New River Photography

An aspiring pro 
Diane's rich experience in photography, combined with her easy-to-digest critiques, makes time spent with her invaluable to any photographer. Like all good teachers and mentors, she starts at your level of skill and proficiency and suggests specific actions needed to take you to the next level. Her style of consultation is not about her skills or stories, but builds on her vast knowledge of images to provide you with a vision of where you are going.

   John Lynner Peterson
   Global Village Studio

An aspiring pro
After hearing her program 'Beyond Competition:  Getting Your Images Out There', I reached out to Diane for a one-on-one consultation.  Even though I have many years' experience in photography and three camera clubs, I'm here to say that Diane's ability to focus in so swiftly on one's specific concerns and to point out so clearly the next logical steps toward achieving one's goal is well worth every penny of investment.
   Joan MacGilvray

2. Workshops

I appreciate very much your thoughtful, intelligent, insightful, and articulate critiques of my work.

   Jackie Weisberg
   Professional Women Photographers member workshop attendee

Diane provides insight from her incredible real world experience and gives valuable and practical tips on getting work published.

   Steve Furlong
   Horizon Photography Workshops: Getting Your Images into the Marketplace

Diane obviously loves what she does and enjoys helping others. It was a very full day but I wish we had even more time. 

   Al Caporaso
   Horizon Photography Workshops:  Getting Your Images into the Marketplace

Extremely interesting and instructive. I appreciated the personal attention Diane gave each participant. I learned so much!

   Libby Carnes
   Horizon Photography Workshops:  Getting Your Images into the Markeplace